Panels on labour and identity in socialist and postsocialist contexts (ASN, NYC, April 2016)

As part of the ‘Between class and nation’ project Rory Archer and Goran Musić are convening a panel at the upcoming ASN Convention in New York (14-16 April 2016). We are also collaborating with colleagues for a sister panel which examines related phenomena in a more contemporary context through ethnography.

The panel Between class and nation: Labor, Identity and Care in Postsocialism (Thursday 15th April 11:20-13:20, Panel BK6) is organised by Fabio Mattioli (CUNY) and Larisa Kurtović (Uni Ottawa). This panel focuses on contemporary ethnographic investigations of labor, care and postsocialist economies in former Yugoslav republics of Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina:

  • Ivan Rajković (SSEES, UCL), “We should now gather as Serbs, to become workers again”: foreign privatizations as national redemption in Serbia.
  • Fabio Mattioli (CUNY), The Value of Labor: a reflection on how authoritarianism values workers.
  • Larisa Kurtović (Uni Ottawa), On Labor, Occupation and Other Not-Quite-National Things: the Case of Detergent Factory “Dita” in Tuzla.

Susan Woodward (CUNY) will act as discussant and Marko Grdešić will chair the session.

Our panel Between class and nation: Labour and identity in late socialism (Friday 15th April 11:20-13:20, Panel BK12) explores labour and the rise of nationalism in late Yugoslav socialism through sociological and social history methods. The focus is on non-elite actors, first and foremost Yugoslav workers (many of which were mobilised in strikes and protests in the late 1980s):

  • Rory Archer (Uni Graz), “Us and them”. Discontent in the Yugoslav factory of the 1980s.
  • Goran Musić (Uni Graz), The Anti-Bureaucratic Revolution in Multinational settings. Labour movements and Serbian nationalism in Sandžak and Vojvodina, 1988-1989.
  • Marko Grdešić (Uni Wisconsin/Zagreb), Legacies of populism: How focus groups discuss Milosevic’s hybrid of class and nation.

The panel will be chaired by Larisa Kurtović (Uni Ottowa), and Ana Dević (Uni Jena/Fatih) will act as discussant.

We invite colleagues with an interest in these topics to join us for discussions. The ASN convention will be held in the International Affairs Building (IAB) of Columbia University (420 West 118th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive) from 14-16 April).

Here is the ASN final programme.


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